A Valuable Lifeline for Injured First Responders

Retired NYPD Police Officer Mike Dyer understands the emotions and feelings that come with being a first responder who has been injured in the line of duty. For any first responders in need—cops, firefighters, paramedics, or EMTs—help is available.

Who We Help

No matter where you are in the country—whether in New York or a small town in Nebraska—Hurt Cop provides the resources first responders may need to help them find assistance for anything that may be troubling them.


Take Care of the Cop in the Mirror

Take Care of the Cop in the Mirror

When you look at your image in the mirror, do you recognize the person right there in front of you? Are you happy where that person is emotionally and physically? Could you use some fine‐tuning? Could you use an ear to listen to some thoughts you’ve been having? Cops...

About Mike Dyer

Mike Dyer is a Long Island, New York native and retired NYPD officer. Due to a work related injury, Mike was retired from the department earlier than he anticipated. With a police officer’s mindset, Mike’s commitment to helping those in need continued into retirement. He moved to Omaha, NE to study law and establish a practice that’s focused on helping victims of automobile accidents and work-related accidents.

To this day, Mike continues to travel around the country advocating to first responders that help is out there. The job to protect and serve is never done, and Mike is ready to continue helping his fellow officers and first responders find the resources they need.